Wedding Reception Ideas For Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful, but there are many things that can go wrong. The main concern is the weather. You can always expect rain to fall on your wedding day, and it may be necessary to move it indoors. However, if it is sunny and warm, these are some great ideas for the reception.


Before you choose a venue, it is important to determine if you will need a tent to host the reception. A tent will be able to hold the reception, reducing the amount of time spent in the sun. The bride and her guests could get sunburns. Some guests might not be able stand too much sun. A tent can be used as an insurance policy in case of bad weather or heavy rain. The tent will make it easier to prevent the cake melting in the heat of the sun. In case of bad weather, you should have a plan for moving the cake indoors. Also, make sure you check the parking availability. This will ensure that your guests do not have to drive far to find a spot to park. You can host your reception anywhere you have parking or other amenities.



It is best to limit the amount of decorations for a reception outside. Let nature speak for itself when it comes to decorations. Add some beauty to the natural world with beautiful pieces. Make sure children are not exposed to dangerous decorations such as candles or lamps. Also, make sure wires are out of reach so that no one trips over them. If you prefer silk flowers, you can also use real ones.


It is a tradition for any marriage to either take to the dance floor or solemnize it with music. It was a tradition of traditional dance and songs being performed, but it had been transformed into a light-and-sound show featuring celebrities from the film and television industry. The Wedding DJs will manage the show using a digital sound system, DMX moving light that is fully computerized and lighting engineer to back it up. There will also be haze machines to create a mysterious atmosphere, stages lit with LED lights cordless mics, Confetti cannons, and other equipment. These DJs create a lively atmosphere with their music. With their mix-and-match expertise and selection of songs, the DJs are able to entertain guests.

Food and drinks

Your budget is the most important thing to consider when deciding what food you will serve. You can have a sit-down dinner or just snacks. While it is best to keep things simple, many people judge weddings based on the food and drinks they serve. A hog roast, a buffet of picnic food, or finger sandwiches could be served for a wedding reception outside. Make sure there is food that can be enjoyed by children if you are hosting a reception. These are just a few ideas to help you plan an outdoor wedding reception.